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Completing the GLP in One Year

Bill has just graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Applied Finance

Hi Everyone! My name is Bill. I have just completed the Undergraduate Global Leadership Program and was able to do so within one year. I know it sounds impossible, but I did it. Here is my story and I’m hoping by sharing my experience with you, as well as some tips, it could help to accelerate your progress through the GLP program.

First, let me introduce myself. I’m from Shanghai China, and I major in Applied Finance at Macquarie University. I joined the GLP in Session 2, 2014. I heard about the GLP from my friends in a lecture, and then looked it up online. It seemed very interesting to me.

After joining I mapped out how to complete the 3 Requirements (attend 10 Colloquia, attend the annual Distinguished Speaker Series event and gain 200 Experiential Credit points) within one year.

Alongside completing 10 Colloquia (including Negotiating in Cross Cultural Environments, Sustainable Leadership and the Homegrown Terrorist) I participated in;

  • An internship in Shanghai with Shanghai Hitachi Appliance Co. Pty as the purchasing manager’s assistant.

  • An internship in Sydney with Koala International Trading Pty Ltd translating documents.

  • Another internship in Sydney with APEX Education and Immigration Center working on administrative tasks.

  • Academic Mentoring to first year students

  • Attended the GLP Cultural Series to Auburn

  • Two seminars at the University of Sydney (regarding issues in the Middle East and Marine Development)

  • Two Consular Series Events- hearing from representatives from Romania and Poland

  • Participating in the Faculty of Business and Economics New Conversation group- which are designed to help international students to practice and feel confident about their English language skills

My key tip for completing the GLP:

Time management and consistency in pursuing targets is very important. Before I had even attended a welcome session, I already started to plan my GLP involvement program to complete within one year. As I only had one year to complete the program I didn’t have time to do an exchange program. Instead I pursued work experience and internships which would be my major way to gain Experiential Credit points. Whilst completing those, I pursued different types of activities, and tried to ensure there were no time conflict and a seamless transform from one to other.

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