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How a Year 12 student from Dubbo found opportunity through the GLEP

Nick Trappet, a GLEPer, GLPer and Bachelor of Laws with Bachelor of Media student.

Hi all, my name is Nick and I am in my first semester of a Bachelor of Laws with Bachelor of Media. I’d like to share my experiences about coming from a regional town and gaining entry into Macquarie University through the Global Leadership Entry Program. And then – what it’s like adapting to life in Sydney!

During my HSC year at Dubbo College Senior Campus, I was privileged to be mentored and assisted by two dedicated ladies, Cathy and Kerry, from Education and Training Out West’s Transition to University Program, who were instrumental in assisting students from regional NSW gain entry into university. Students from regional areas that are considering attending university face many obstacles due to distance, which leads to reduced family support and the stress of moving away from your home town for the first time. Even though regional NSW has many good universities, they don’t always offer the entire range of courses that the major metropolitan universities do.

Applicants accepted into the GLEP do not have the extra pressure of meeting the ATAR requirement for their chosen course. The positive benefit of this is that students are better able to better concentrate and enjoy their final year of school, which helps bring about better results.

After I finished the HSC in 2016, I decided to work towards getting a head start on my Global Leadership Program (GLP) and volunteered at St Mary’s Catholic School, Wellington, NSW. I spent a week at the school in the Learning Enrichment Centre assisting with an intensive literacy program, Multilit, or Year 1 students that needed additional help outside of their class lessons. This was an incredibly valuable experience that provided first-hand insight into the improvements students can make when they receive extra support.

In May 2017, I returned to Dubbo College Senior Campus to speak to current Year 12 students at the school about the GLEP and opportunities at Macquarie University. Over the course of the day, I spoke to 30 students that were interested in learning about the entry program, what it involves and my experiences on the transition from regional NSW to Sydney. Since visiting Dubbo two students have been accepted into the GLEP, a further 4 applications have been submitted and more students are still working on their applications. So far this is proving to be a very successful way for students from Dubbo College Senior Campus to enter university.

I have only ever lived in regional NSW and the move has been quite daunting for me. To paint a picture – Macquarie University has approximately 40,000 students which is similar in size to the entire Dubbo population! The city lifestyle is completely different to anything I have ever experienced, with so many more people, traffic, public transport options (which I thought was amazing considering it is quite lacking in regional NSW!) and nationalities contributing to Sydney’s unique multiculturalism. I’ll never forget sitting on a train in Sydney for the first time and observing how many people were speaking in languages other than English – I thought it was quite amazing and a true representation of the diversity of Sydney in contrast to regional areas.

In the short time I have been in Sydney and at Macquarie University, I have enjoyed being involved in the GLP’s events, especially the Canberra Symposium and Auburn cultural day. These were opportunities that I would have not have been able to undertake anywhere else and were very insightful, having never experienced anything similar. The Canberra Symposium was memorable as I was able to visit the American Embassy and the Canadian High Commission and speak to the dignitaries. On the other hand, the Auburn Cultural Day was a culturally-enriching experience that developed my knowledge of the local food and culture.

Having just completed my first session at Macquarie University, the GLP has already given me the opportunity to undertake many experiences that I would never normally have the chance to be a part of. I highly recommend the GLP to any student as the benefits are well worth the effort, especially if you are a Year 12 student hoping to gain an early entry place into Macquarie University and the GLP.

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