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Today: GLP. Tomorrow: A World of Opportunities

Neha completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie in 2015 and has accepted an offer to work with the Northern Territory Government this year in 2016!

Six years ago I attended the Macquarie University Open Day and was introduced to a lovely lady who spoke very highly of the Global Leadership Program. When she told me of all that she achieved through the program including doing a volunteering program in Borneo during the summer break, learning Mandarin and organising a domestic leadership conference I was in total awe.

I couldn’t believe that someone who had only been at Macquarie for two and a half years had been able to achieve all of that while studying full time.

Initially it seemed like an enormous commitment and gaining 200 experiential credit points sounded overwhelming, however when I attended the Welcome Session it became clear that it was possible and that there have been people who were able to meet the GLP requirements in the last year of their degree.

I had two years left when I started so I felt confident that it was possible. Once I made the commitment I knew it was only uphill from there. I enrolled in 5 colloquia sessions in the first year so I had things rolling. I made numerous friends through attending colloquia!

The Global Leadership Program has provided me with unparalleled opportunities to enhance my study experience and develop important leadership skills.

The GLP has been designed so that you not only learn global skills and understanding – you put them into practice by studying, volunteering and participating in activities in Australia and overseas.

I personally have been able to achieve so much through this program; including becoming a president of the Investment Banking Student Society, volunteering with the Harvest Hub during my summer holidays last year, an internship with Bloomberg, attended on campus seminars with the Consul-General of Spain and Greece, undertaking a short term exchange in Prague with the Global Leadership Exchange*, participating at a domestic conference on self-development, attending career seminars and being a mentor for the LEAP Refugee mentoring program and finally the First Step mentoring program.

I found my experience in Prague extremely exciting and believe that I have grown so much as a person. Here are a few photos from my trip.

The LEAP mentoring program in particular was so rewarding. I was paired up with a bubbly and extremely intelligent girl who was originally from Sierra Leone and who wanted to pursue medicine after high school. Throughout our time together I learnt that Mbalia wanted to be a doctor so that she could build a health clinic in Sierra Leone! How inspiring is that? This was probably the highlight of my experience.

I am extremely fortunate and grateful for being able to have the opportunity to take part in the Global Leadership Program and fulfil its requirements. I believe the opportunity has definitely given me a competitive advantage in seeking a graduate job!

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