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Macquarie’s Top 3 Study Nooks

As a first-year* at Macquarie, I can speak for most students when I say that finding somewhere to focus and study is difficult. While I normally study at home, sometimes I’m left waiting for my eureka moment after sitting in the same four walls days on end. Luckily, Macquarie has a few secluded, hole-in-the-wall study spaces. Take a look.


According to numerous studies carried out by the likes of Business Insider and Harvard, working outside is energising and stimulating for the brain. Macquarie has countless secret garden type areas that see minimal student activity. Try the benches near the lack, or the seats next to C5A. Bring a couple of snacks and find a comfy table or patch of grass, pray and hope that there’s Wi-Fi, and study away.


Sometimes all it takes is a 5-minute stroll down Wally’s Walk and a stumble down a dodgy-looking hall to find an empty classroom. Being surrounded by empty desks and blank walls forces me to be productive. Not only that, but classrooms usually have the strongest Wi-Fi on campus.


While, for me, the library’s round-the-clock student movement is distracting, the bottom floor is an exception. You can’t take phone calls and talking with your friends will earn you a few death stares. The bottom floor booths fit perfectly into the silent library stereotype. The near stillness of this floor is an awesome environment for when you need to channel 100% focus.

On a final note, while these spots make studying a little more bearable, university is not just about endless studying. Treat yourself with some well-deserved study breaks and make the most of your free time.

*This post was written when Nadya was a first year

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