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The Sky is the Limit

All the good things nowadays are the result of innovation.

The world is a challenging place and innovation is everyone’s business. Innovation means changing the way we do things, looking at things in new ways. It is necessary for students to cultivate an innovative mindset during their study period. The Global Leadership Program Innovation Day provides an excellent platform for all students to experience the power of innovation.

At the Sydney Start-up Hub Tour, we learned that there are more than 480 start-up and 25 events organised per month in the Hub, including Fishburners, Stone & Chalk, Tank Stream Labs, and The Studio, which has become Australia’s leading innovation incubator. With the support from the NSW Government and Jobs for NSW, Sydney Start-up Hub became a platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and pitch for investment.

In addition, we also visited Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE), which aims to assist students with developing the mindset and skills to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. Currently, the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship has delivered entrepreneurship education through more than 100 learning activities, building the community and offering opportunities for student entrepreneurs and partners to innovate and collaborate together.

At the Global Leadership Program Innovation Day, Dr. Sean Wise was invited to give us an insightful session on entrepreneurship. Dr. Sean Wise has tremendous teaching experience on entrepreneurship in Canada. We were impressed by his humorous style of speech and his ideas about how to convert personal innovative ideas into reality. After the session, Dr. Sean Wise also answered student's questions and exchanged ideas.

The final destination for Innovation Day was a visit to Haymarket HQ. Through the introduction of CEO Weh Yeoh, I realised that the growth of any start-up is not as easy as what we thought, especially for ventures in developing countries with poor economic conditions.

In my opinion, this is the best Practicum experience that the Global Leadership Program could give you, because it adds so much value to personal study journeys, it provided information and experience that can not be obtained from a textbook and makes it easier to meet with experts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Global Leadership Program Innovation Day was a great opportunity to share my previous experience of leadership with other GLPers. We also shared our opinions on innovation during group discussion and snack time, which was an excellent chance to catch up with different GLPers from different majors. By practising teamwork and communication skills, the Innovation Day helped me build skills that will be useful when entering the workforce in the future.

Because of the whole day of activities, I also gained specific insights on the start-up community in Australia. Moreover, I have been equipped with confidence and courage to pursue innovative ideas, although sometimes they seem unrealistic in their beginning stages.

Creation and innovation are an eternal power to push development and progress of human society forward, as only the sky is the limit. If anyone wants to start a venture tomorrow or in the near future, don’t hesitate to start it right now. I highly recommend for all GLPers to apply for GLP Innovation Day, as you will gain valuable experience you never thought of before.

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