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Finding a Drive Towards Happiness

I dedicate this to my mum.

My mum is the biggest drive towards my happiness and for other people. She has been the woman to encourage me to give time and support charity organisations, to contribute my time when necessary, and she has provided me with all the ways on how the GLP will allow me to grow as a person.

The GLP is beyond anything I have ever completed. It has provided me the opportunity to grow on friendships with people who share the same interests as me. For example, myself and my friend Sherlin have completed several events together, one of my favourites being ‘Light the Night’. In doing this, not only did our friendship grow stronger, we also started to feel much better about the time we are contributing to this world, and we discussed how we can help the world a bit more each day.

The GLP also gave me stories to share. One of the biggest things that affect perception is people’s experiences and their stories, to which, my experience has been extremely positive. I enjoyed all of the opportunities so much that I decided to tell my entire family and peers about it. I have learnt that we, as a community and as a society can make a change and create an impact on today’s environment, and as a team, we can work together to change and evolve the world into a better place for the future generations to follow into the right paths.

My mother is the strongest person in this world, she is one of those educators to help inform society about major changes such as sharing information about recent COVID-19 updates or by sharing world peace pages online to her family and friends. She has motivated me to share amongst my generation the same thing, and to educate, which also connects with my degree and the United Nations Sustainable Goals ‘Goal 4: Quality Education’. Informing and educating not only ourselves, but our peers around us is one step towards a giant leap, which is another step towards a more sustainable planet.

Happiness holds a much larger force to decide whether or not we do things. We would rather do something that makes us happy than sad, and the GLP is something that makes not only myself happy, but the peers around me when I share my stories and experiences. An example includes the ‘Leukemia Foundation’. I have done the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ and ‘Light the Night’. Both events were truly magical, and I would do it all over again once everything settles and I would share with all my peers to join me in that magical moment. For the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’, not only did I decide to volunteer, but I also decided to shave. This included raising money and awareness. By being involved in this way, I was able to gain information and further insight into the Leukemia Foundation and what they do for society, and by being informed on their end, I was able to use my voice and share the situation to my peers. Once I shaved my hair with other individuals, tears filled my face with happiness, it was a sudden shock to reality however, the connection I had amongst those individuals who are suffering from cancer became stronger, and I felt what they felt when they lost their hair. This connection became much larger when not only myself had done it, but so many other people, and it showed them that there are so many supporters here to help make a change and make that step.

This is the first volunteer program I had completed, and since then, I had been motivated to contribute more and connect to my society, and the GLP had assisted me with this with their weekly adverts. This became my drive towards happiness, to connect with my peers, to push for change and try my best to help as many people in this society as I can. My mother has shown me to push and work hard for things in life, and to give to the world what I have been given. I have grown with love, support, care and lots of information, and now, with the help of my mother and the GLP, I am able to give that all back towards society one step at a time.

My mother said there are two types of individuals amongst us, those who give up easily and are too scared for challenge, and those who fight, who don’t take no for an answer and never stop pushing. My mother has motivated me to fight, to push, to keep trying to help as much as I can, to make a change, to form a direction amongst my peers, to do everything I can to guide the future generation into the right path so that they are able to enhance the learning of their peers and the next generation.

So, there are two kinds of people in this world, one to fight, and one to give up, which one are you?

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