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Benefits of joining an MQ club or society: A GLP student’s perspective (Clara Fernandez)

Have you ever thought about joining an MQ club or society?

Created and run by students, student clubs and societies are a great way to connect with people who share your passions, interests or unique hobbies. Perhaps you want to join a club to meet more people studying your degree, or maybe you want to take the opportunity to try something completely different! With over 140 student and sports groups, there is probably one at MQ for you!

Plus, if you become an executive of a club or society (that has a GLP focus or career focus), you can apply for GLP Experiential Credit under GLX15 (UG) or your Practicum Option 8 (PG)! Find out more in your Experiential Credit Guide or Practicum Guide, and as always check with your GLP Advisor for pre-approval.

Here more about the experience of being part of an MQ club or society from our GLP students:

How has the GLP benefited you?

As a Laws/International Studies student, GLP Colloquia have added an extra layer of knowledge to my studies as well as prompted me to seek out experiences that have broadened my cultural horizons. There are certain cultures and places that the school and uni curriculum don’t cover unless you go out of you way to find them, and GLP provides you with a succinct and unique curation of opportunities to engage in current affairs and world politics. GLP has a huge range of things to learn, and you’ll certainly never be stuck for small talk again!

How/why did you get involved with the Catholic Society and what do you think students can get out of being part of a Club/Society?

I’m passionate about making the student experience as easy and fun as possible for everyone! For me, the Catholic Society had that all-encompassing nature that caters for every aspect of the student experience, for my social, academic, emotional, spiritual and professional needs. It is made up of over 200 students and staff from all walks of life, all sorts of cultures and beliefs systems, because everyone is welcome! We want to help people be the best they can be and to find truth, meaning and community in their own lives.

How has the GLP helped you build community (MQ, local, global)?

Beyond the great content, the Colloquia have enabled me to meet met a huge range of diverse students as well as the world leaders in particular academic fields. It has been really inspiring to see the passion and drive of other GLP students and has made me want to get out of my comfort zone and explore new world perspectives. The Experiential Credit requirement also pushed me to become more involved in CathSoc and I’m so grateful to have developed strong friendships and gained valuable mentoring opportunities through the networking aspect of the society.

What skills have you developed in the GLP that you think will help you in your future career?

GLP has helped me with developing time management and taking the initiative to make life happen for myself. I’ve also grown in empathy and understanding of the nuance of the human experience as GLP gives students a glimpse into the infinite ways we all see the world. As my goal is to practice law, these skills are essential in the competitive job market as well as engaging with and supporting clients through the complicated legal system. Also having GLP on my student transcript and resume is definitely a bonus for employers!

What is your top tip for future GLP students?

Reach out to the GLP staff! They’re a very friendly, helpful bunch of people who have tracked and discussed my progress with me to make sure I’m coping with everything and achieving my GLP goals. Also spend time finding experiences that you will really enjoy and will help you long-term for you experiential credit instead of just trying to tick a box. If you’re not sure how an experience fits into the credit scheme, ask the GLP staff! Prioritise your interests and fill in the forms later 😊

Keen to learn more? Check out the MQ Clubs and Societies website for more info:


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