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Benefits of joining an MQ club or society: A GLP student’s perspective (Heather Pym)

Have you ever thought about joining an MQ club or society?

Created and run by students, student clubs and societies are a great way to connect with people who share your passions, interests or unique hobbies. Perhaps you want to join a club to meet more people studying your degree, or maybe you want to take the opportunity to try something completely different! With over 140 student and sports groups, there is probably one at MQ for you!

Plus, if you become an Executive of a Club or Society (that has a GLP focus or career focus), you can apply for GLP Experiential Credit under GLX15 (UG) or your Practicum Option 8 (PG)! Find out more in your Experiential Credit Guide or Practicum Guide, and as always check with your GLP Advisor for pre-approval.

Here more about the experience of being part of an MQ club or society from our GLP students:

How has the GLP benefited you?

The Global Leadership Program has provided me with a platform to experience a wide variety of activities well beyond the usual depth and breadth of my degree alone. I have taken part in conferences, studies, exchanges, dialogues, events and discussions that have made me a more knowledgeable and well-rounded graduate, and ultimately has enriched my university experience and made my resumé much more interesting to future employers.

How/why did you get involved with Macquarie United Nations Society and what do you think students can get out of being part of a Club/Society?

I first got involved with Macquarie United Nations Society during my first semester back in 2017 because of a free pizza night! I found that the actual practice of Model United Nations complemented my Law and International Studies degree perfectly; combining elements of courtroom drama with the study of policy and culture.

How has the GLP helped you build community (MQ, local, global)?

The many activities I have undertaken as part of the Global Leadership Program have helped me to forge lasting connections through shared experiences, and I actually met my best friend on the GLP Canberra Symposium during my first year! On a local level, I frequently bump into people I met through GLP, but I now also have a wide network of friends overseas, whether I met them on exchange myself or when they were international or exchange students when completing the GLP at Macquarie.

What skills have you developed in the GLP that you think will help you in your future career?

The wide variety of Colloquia have equipped me with skills to interact in an unlimited number of settings and on a large array of topics. I feel more confident joining conversations where I don’t have all the answers. Taking part in discussions to which I had not previously been exposed has developed my growth mindset and desire to continue challenging unconscious assumptions and understandings, a skill that is transferable across any career.

What is your top tip for future GLP students?

Grab a hold of the opportunities that interest you, and don't self-reject yourself from them before someone else has the chance to. You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take, and there are so many incredible ones offered by the GLP that are delivered right to your inbox every week.

Keen to learn more? Check out the MQ Clubs and Societies website:


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