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Benefits of joining an MQ club or society: A GLP student’s perspective (Jakeb Wilkinson)

Have you ever thought about joining an MQ club or society?

Created and run by students, student clubs and societies are a great way to connect with people who share your passions, interests or unique hobbies. Perhaps you want to join a club to meet more people studying your degree, or maybe you want to take the opportunity to try something completely different! With over 140 student and sports groups, there is probably one at MQ for you!

Plus, if you become an executive of a club or society (that has a GLP focus or career focus), you can apply for GLP Experiential Credit under GLX15 (UG) or your Practicum Option 8 (PG)! Find out more in your Experiential Credit Guide or Practicum Guide, and as always check with your GLP Advisor for pre-approval.

Here more about the experience of being part of an MQ club or society from our GLP students:

How has the GLP benefited you?

When I started university, I couldn’t decide if I should undertake the Global Leadership program or ditch it. I didn’t know a lot about the program, nor did I know if I would be able to commit the time needed for successful completion, but as I begin to wrap up my time with GLP and Macquarie University, I can say without a doubt that this was one of the best opportunities that I ever undertook. The Global Leadership program changed who I was and how I approach many tasks in my life and to ensure I stand out from the crowd as I enter the incredibly competitive job market.

This program has benefited me in too many ways to write on paper; however, the most prominent ways it has benefited me has been through helping me to grow my friendship group and connect with people from many different faculties, backgrounds, and staff to show what the Macquarie community truly is. The people I have met have helped grow my communication skills, given me more confidence academically, socially and within the volunteer community. However, the biggest thing that GLP gave me was the avenues to explore the endless opportunities that are at Macquarie that I never would not have found without the incredible team at the Global Leadership Program.

How/Why did you get involved with the Macquarie University Exchange Society, and what do you think students can get out of being part of a Club/Society?

One of the opportunities that I found was the Macquarie University Exchange Society (MACex). This was a society I had not previously been involved with; however, I loved their mantra and what they stood for through welcoming international students now both on campus and distanced on zoom, to show them the Macquarie community and give them a taste of Australia and help them make new connections. I had been involved in other societies on campus, but being from a rural background, I know the effect that coming to university and leaving your comfort zone can have. This was an opportunity I stumbled across through Macquarie university online advertising, and I decided to give it a go, regardless of me feeling like I was doing something I didn’t have the skills to achieve. This has been an incredible opportunity, and I have made friends for life.

Giving something a go even when it seems out of your grasp is so important and something this opportunity has taught me to do as I am still involved in this society three semesters after joining and am now the president and am adapting the society to run in the ever-changing world of COVID-19.

How has the GLP helped you build community (MQ, local, global)?

This program has built my community substantially. Within the Macquarie university community, I never can come to campus without walking past someone I recognise or being recognised. I have met students and staff from all sectors of the campus and degrees and know these people are always there and willing to help for whatever I may need, from employment, advertising my society, offering me new opportunities or simply being people, I can always approach for a conversation. Without the GLP giving me my first opportunity and showing me the importance of getting involved, I would not have experienced the Macquarie community. As a result of the GLP, I have connections worldwide and can see that the GLP and Macquarie community do not just consist within the borders of Australia. I meet so many people from Colloquia and volunteering events that have given me a holistic overview of so many cultures and given me the platform to connect with students globally.

What skills have you developed in the GLP that you think will help you in your future career?

I have learnt a broad depth and breadth of skills that would not have been possible without the incorporation of the GLP program into my university studies. While it is essential to have skills that align with your career aspirations, I thought it would also be crucial to have skills that set me apart from others and gave me a different perspective. I have learnt how to communicate and work with people from different backgrounds and personalities, how to combine different ideas into one greater concept that combines different visions, and most of all, I have developed my leadership and public speaking skills.

What is your top tip for future GLP students?

There are many tips that I can give to future GLP students, but the one no one told me which would have completely changed how I view this program from the start, is that one opportunity is never the last with the Global Leadership Program. Start here, and I promise you will never be short for new opportunities and experiences during your time with the program and Macquarie.

Keen to learn more? Check out the MQ Clubs and Societies website for more info:


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