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GLP: A must for all Macquarie students

Jonathan Yang, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) at Macquarie University is a very enlightening program that bolsters my participation in events and activities. Since the start of joining this unique program, I have been made aware of many opportunities that I would not have otherwise had the knowledge or time to consider. The Program is very rewarding for university students who are keen to acquire a broader extracurricular experience at Macquarie University.

The program consists of Colloquia and Experiential Credit activities which can all contribute to upskilling and improving your service to the community. Some experiential activities include competitions such as the CBUS Innovation Games and Univative, all of which are great for limit-testing your teamwork and communication skills. If you are more interested in listening to ideas or emerging discussions, Colloquia have a ton of different thought-provoking seminars or conferences you can attend in person or online to tune in on the latest topics. These Colloquia can span from speaking etiquettes to social issues, environmental issues, international modules, or even workshops. The beauty of Colloquia and Experiential Credit is that there is always something you can do that can count towards your GLP.

If you feel lost or unsure of how to structure the timeline of your GLP activities, the GLP staff are always there to assist you and your inquiries. The GLP Advisors know everything there is to know about the GLP. Since the orientation, the GLP Advisors have always been supportive in answering questions and keeping me on track with my program. They let you know what activities are counted towards your GLP and they always respond to your questions and queries from your student email. Overall they are great acquaintances.

Nearly every week, the GLP combines workshops, activities, competitions, and volunteering events from the university and the community into an orderly newsletter. In this newsletter, they contain information on the activity as well as their associated Experiential Credit code, which is used to acquire credit for the GLP. This layout makes it so much easier and simpler for students to keep track of what is happening during their time at Macquarie University while keeping track of what activities they haven’t completed. All students have to do is manage their time and commitment to get involved.

The Global Leadership Program at Macquarie University feels unique, rewarding, and at the same time refreshing. Instead of just coming for lectures, tutorials, or just studying, students need to take a break from class. I really regret not having a social life at university, but the GLP has really helped me get back on track with making connections in the real world. The GLP has drastically boosted my engagement with events, societies, and competitions offered for Macquarie students. GLP is just another component that every student needs in their time at Macquarie University. Even if it is just for the newsletter that lists the events and extracurricular activities happening on campus or in the community.


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