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Why Join a Society? My Affiliation with the Filipino Student Society (FSS)

By Amy Alegre, Bachelor of Commerce, Double Major in Marketing & International Business 

Like every classic high school teen movie, social cliques abound.  


Well, I was the shy kid who always stuck with the same group of seven friends—tight-knit like sisters. So, you can imagine how nerve-racking it was for me to start afresh at a new university with thousands of students…  


In my first semester of freshman year, I remember being in awe at all the colourful O-week stalls. The campus buzzed with excitement; each booth beckoned with an air of curiosity. Amidst the sea of vibrant banners and inviting smiles, one stall shone like a lighthouse. Draped in vivid hues of red, blue, and golden-yellow rays full of liberty, it echoed with joyous laughter and the sweet melody of serenades, accompanied by the gentle strumming of a ukulele that warmed the chilly breeze.  


Approaching the stall with trepidation, clutching my open day tote bag, I was greeted by an inviting smile and a cheerful, “Mabuhay! Welcome to the Filipino Student Society!” 


This moment marked my canon event in this multiverse—minus Spiderman, of course, haha. Joining my first society, FSS, marked the beginning of forging lifelong connections and creating joyful memories that I would never have imagined trading for anything else.  


Growing up as a half Korean and Filipina, born in Australia, I have dealt with my own identity crisis. Joining FSS provided an opportunity to connect and learn more about my Filipino heritage which I have felt estranged from. Today, I proudly embrace my unique mix and celebrate both beautiful cultures, thanks to this welcoming society. Through FSS, I have learned the value of embracing not only similarities but also differences, rather than fitting into a singular mould. At heart, I have always been an Aussie, Korean, and Filipina. FSS is filled with individuals from various backgrounds, whether they are Pinoy or not, domestic or international, all united in their appreciation of Filipino culture as a community. 


Whether you are an undergrad or postgrad, here is my number one tip for surviving University 101: join a society! It is never too late. Engaging with a club can make the university experience much more fun, helping you maintain a healthy balance between work, academic and social life. Find the right society that interests YOU—whether related to your degree, culture, charity, interests, creativity or sport—and make flourishing connections from there. Who knows, you might even find yourself inspired to start your own society! 


Amy’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Society:

  1. Making Lifelong Friendships and Connections: This is probably the ultimate benefit of joining a society—building friendships that are truly priceless. 

  1. Spark Opportunities: Currently, I hold a general officer role in both FSSMQU and FSSWSU, as well as positions as Secretary and Social Media Manager for MQU Vinnies. Executive roles allow you to collaborate within a team to organise unforgettable events, earn valuable GLP points, and bolster your CV! 

  1. Give Back to the Community: FSS hosted a fundraising basketball and volleyball match known as Tulong Liga for Bantu Philippines! Vinnies also provides numerous volunteering opportunities. These events allow you to make a positive impact and contribute to meaningful causes. 

  1. Constant learning: Joining a society allows you to delve deeper into specific interests or cultures, often complementing your academic course. Many societies also offer workshops that enhance your knowledge and skills, keeping you updated in your field of interest.  

  1. Discovering Yourself and Personal Growth!!! 


Finally, a special thanks to the communities of @filosoc_unsw, @fsswsu, @utsfsa, @mqu_vinnies, and of course @fssmqu - love you guys to bits!  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and become a member.

Salamat ~ 


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